“Premio Fuoco 2019” di Città di Sermoneta – “Di chi è la Terra” di Daniela Giordano Castorino.

“Premio Fuoco 2019” di Città di Sermoneta – “Di chi è la Terra” di Daniela Giordano Castorino.

Di chi è la Terra” di Daniela Giordano Castorino.

In the Upper World water flows unused from house taps. In the Under World sources are dry and arid. Green culture upstairs and survival culture downstairs. The two worlds and the families which live in those worlds seem to be separated and uncapable of communicating, but they are not. Pipes connect everything and somebody look at different behaviours and ways of life. It’s the Earth, who sees injustices caused by squandering and oversized consumption. Everything is connected. The Earth decides to speak. Only the children can hear her and will be in the forefront of change.

Director Biography – Daniela Giordano

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DANIELA GIORDANO, actress, director, writer, expert of international contemporary theatre and contemporary African drama. She graduated from the National Academy of Dramatic Arts ” Silvio d’Amico” in Rome. 
The short film “Whose is the Land?” is her debut film. 
She acts in many famous Theatre companies directed by internationally renowned directors such Luca Ronconi, Jury Lijubimov, Benno Besson; in Cinema also directed by Gianni di Gregorio (Buoni a nulla), Giuseppe Piccioni (Chiedi la luna), Peter Del Monte (Piccoli fuochi); in Television also directed by Gianluca Maria Tavarelli ( Borsellino), Maurizio Zaccaro (Cuore), Giacomo Battiato (Karol Wojtiwa), Marco Pontecorvo (Aladine and Sharazade) 
Theatrical plays written, directed and performed by her have been presented in Italy, Europe, Africa, United States and Canada Her artistic research has always been characterized by a strong social and civic engagement to which is added the capacity to investigate and a strong visual impact. Her work has been the subject of thesis at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara in the 2001.
In 2009 she is appointed president of the Jury of the XXI Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theatre and Member of the International Jury of the XVII Damascus Film Festival. 
She’s won the Golden Grolla as best actress Fiction 2006. 
She has won numerous awards including the Golden Mask for Theatre as best actress in 1993 and she‘s received a medal by the President of the Italian Republic for Festad’Africa Festival in 2009. 


  • Daniela GiordanoDirectorWhose is the land
  • Daniela GiordanoWriterWhose is the land?
  • CRT SCENAMADREProducerWhose is the land?
  • FARGO ENTERTAINEMENTProducerPorto il velo e adoro i Queen
  • BALKISSA MAIGAKey Cast“Mrs. Le Noir”7 minuti, Quello che non sai di me
  • LAURA MAZZIKey Cast“Mrs. La Bianca”Un bacio
  • DANIELA GIORDANOKey Cast“the Land”Buoni a nulla, Chiedi la luna
  • DANILA MASSIMIKey Cast“the Music”Whose is the land?
  • DAVID SEBASTIKey Cast“Mr. La Bianca”Il quaderno della spesa
  • ALFIE NZEKey Cast“Mr. Le Noir”Granma, Quello che non sai di me


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