“Official Selected 2019” Zimbrul.

“Official Selected 2019” Zimbrul.

Zimbrul di Emmanuel Rondeau

Few species symbolise the state of nature conservation in Europe as vividly as the European bison. Nearly extinct in the last century, it was rescued by passionate conservationists from the last animals in captivity, and although it is now benefiting from a growing environmental awareness, the European bison is still not out of danger and remains virtually unknown to the general public. There are fewer individuals of our largest European land mammal in the wild than there are black rhinos in Africa.

Home to some of the very last pristine ecosystems in Europe, Romania is currently at a crossroad where decisions have to be taken in the apparent conflict between economic development and nature development. The successful project of Bison reintroduction in the southern part of the country could not only change the life of locals and their relationship with nature, but set the whole country in the right direction for decades to come.Director Biography – Emmanuel Rondeau

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Emmanuel is a Film Director, Producer, Writer and Photojournalist specialized in Wildlife Conservation, Science and History. His worked has been awarded in several competitions like Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Big Picture, Travel Photographer of the Year or the Deauville Green Awards. 
Emmanuel’s interest in nature started in childhood and by the age of seven he had completely lined the walls of his room with posters of the animals he promised himself to meet one day in the wild. Since then, he had the privilege to be chased by a great number of those very same animals, including Jaguars, Siberian Tigers, Asian Rhinos, Amur Leopards, American Bisons, African Lions or European Wolves. 
Fascinated by how a visual story can touch people, Emmanuel is using images to tell unknown and surprising stories inspiring people to care about the planet. He worked in Europe, Africa, Asia and America, and collaborated on major shows for Nat Geo WILD, Animal Planet and BBC Natural History. Emmanuel also directed films/campaigns for WWF, BirdLife, Rewilding Europe and other organizations like UNESCO, the European Union and many National Parks throughout the world. Emmanuel’ photo stories have been published to a vast range of books and magazines. 
Finally, Emmanuel is the founder of White Fox Pictures, a production company dedicated to create inspiring films raising awareness, change outlooks and behaviour, and ultimately making a difference in the field of conservation. 
Emmanuel is currently living in the Alps, France, with his wife and son.


  • Emmanuel Rondeau Director
  • Emmanuel Rondeau Writer


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