“Official Selected 2019” World Wild Web

“Official Selected 2019” World Wild Web

World Wild Web

The World Wild Web documentary shows how wildlife trafficking can be harmful to the conservation of Brazilian biodiversity and how the average citizen can engage in this cause and help to combat a criminal activity that illegally withdraws about 38 million animals from nature each year. The feature film makes an investigation that shows a cruel new face of illegal wildlife trade: the wildlife trafficking in the virtual world. The worldwide computer network, especially the Social Networks, has become a new and fertile ground for this criminal activity. WILD is an exciting film that will arouse in the viewer a citizen awareness for respecting and loving animals.Director Biography – Dener Giovanini

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Dener Giovanini is a Brazilian filmmaker and environmentalist. Among many environmental prizes, has been awarded with the UNEP-Sasakawa Prize from the United Nations, the most prestigious environmental award in the world. Writer and journalist, Giovanini has directed and scripted several feature films and TV series. Specialized in social, environmental and historical themes productions, Giovanini has a long and successful film career.

Dener Giovanini é diretor cinematográfico, ambientalista e, entre diversos prêmios e distinções ambientais, recebeu das Nações Unidas a mais importante condecoração ambiental do mundo: o Prêmio UNEP-SASSAKWA. Escritor e jornalista, Giovanini é dirigiu e roteirizou diversos longa-metragens para o cinema e séries para a TV. Especializado em produções com temática social, ambiental e histórica, Giovanini possui uma longa e exitosa carreira cinematográfica.


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