“Premio mare” di Marevivo – “Only One World Left” di Alica Abaci.

“Premio mare” di Marevivo – “Only One World Left” di Alica Abaci.

Only One World Left di Alica Abaci

A Social Awareness Underwater Short Film of Single-Use Plastic Effects to the Oceans.

Director Biography – Alican Abacı

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Sociologist & Filmmaker from Istanbul. 
2008-9 Australia Rotary Youth Exchange Newcastle Uni Media Department guest student 
2011-12 Italy Accademia di Belle di Brera Milano Erasmus student. 
The graduation of two major degrees; cinema&tv, sociology. 
Worked four years as international, siyad, documentary, netpack organizations in Golden Orange Film Fest of Antalya. 
Founder of Aw Films 
Line producer in Hijrat of bollywood&pakistani co-production in Istanbul in 2012. 
His first short film “Sawdust” was nominated in Golden Orange Film Fest in 2014. 
Gave workshops in Spain, Czechia, Germany and Turkey about how to make short films. 
2017-18 Spain Barcelona Evs Videographer 
Germany Detmold Film Fest organization 2018 
2 awards in 48 hours film project İstanbul. 
2018 short documentary award in European Parlament of Strasbourg France. 
2019 Underwater Short Film Award of Golden Fin Turkey 
Foreign languages : English, Spanish, Italian and GermanDirector Statement

My aim to do this project to show the beauty of the underwater world and to make people understand we have to reserve it for our future.


  • Alican AbacıDirector
  • Alican AbacıWriter
  • Tolga TopçuProducerJaguar Films (Co-Producer)
  • Alican AbacıProducerAw Films (Producer)
  • İsa AlemdarProducerStar Diving Academy (Practitioner producer)
  • Melike SelçukKey Cast“Free Diver”Underwater Model


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