“Official Selected 2019” Our mother di Lorenzo Scaraggi

“Official Selected 2019” Our mother di Lorenzo Scaraggi

“Our Mother” is the story of a journey in search of stories of redemption. 
Lorenzo Scaraggi, journalist, traveler, crossed Apulia, a Southern Italy district, on a campervan from 1982, describing the meeting with men and places that, thanks to social farming, sought and found the second possibility that life often does not offer to many . 
From the lands confiscated from the mafia, to the communities of former drug addicts to the redemption by the criminal association, “Madre Nostra” step by step, meeting after meeting, face after face, becomes a boundless prayer, a way to recognize that if Our Father it is in heaven, Mother Nostra is on earth, it is the earth that redeems people and places from one’s past. 
Director Biography – Lorenzo Scaraggi

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Lorenzo Scaraggi, journalist, videoreporter, traveler. 
Born in 1976, a graduate in literature, he defines himself as a curious man. Because of this curiosity he has always tried to travel, document, film or photograph everything that could satisfy his need for research. 

Behind him numerous reports of a social nature, of war and the effects of war. 
In 2012 he bought a 1982 camper van, renamed Vostok100k, in honor of the first mission of man in space, with the intention of turning it into a sort of bandwagon of stories, a mobile editorial office. 
Over the years the Vostok100k project has grown. 
On board the Vostok, in 2016, he traveled 20,000 kilometers alone along the borders of Europe, recounting the journey for Repubblica TV (collaboration continued for another two years). 
In 2017 it was the turn of the South Cultural ROutes, a journey commissioned by the MIBACT in search of social, anthropological and ethnographic stories told on social networks. 

To 2018 instead dates back “Lungomare Italia”, a journey along the Italian coasts that has traced the footsteps of the “Long sandy road” traveled by Pasolini in 1959. In addition to dozens of interviews that tell the Italians’ relationship with the sea, “Lungomare Italia “had a regular column in” Radio 2 summer club “, RAI radio broadcast by Mauro Casciari. 
2019 was the turn of “Madre nsotra”, a two-month long journey to make a documentary that represents, in effect, his first long documentary. 


  • Lorenzo ScaraggiDirector
  • Apulia Film CommissionProducer


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