“Official Selected 2019” Gentle Revolution

“Official Selected 2019” Gentle Revolution

Gentle Revolution di Francesco Emanuele Delvecchio

A journey to discover plastic pollution, seen through the eyes of those who live on the front line. “Gentle Revolution” is the name of the documentary that does not just want to show the important issue that is having enormous global significance but is committed to giving voice to the initiatives of environmental associations, voluntary citizens, private individuals and providing answers through the voice of the institutions and subject matter experts. In our journey we will follow those who fight to bring back the beauty, to reclaim the places and spaces, protecting them. What drives the common citizen to roll up their sleeves and actively participate, providing an essential contribution to the cause? What are the measures taken by our institutions to counter this phenomenon? The antagonist and protagonist man tries to remedy the mistake. Constantly searching for solutions, useful to limit its diffusion.Director Biography – Francesco Emanuele Delvecchio

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Francesco Emanuele Delvecchio was born in 1991 in Molfetta. 
He first trained as a film and tv actor and theater with masters of the Apulian territory and of national and international caliber. In 2015 he continues his studies graduating in film and television direction and theater and intensifies the same with master’s degree and with directors of the international scene. Author for theatre and TV, screenwriter for cinema. In 2019 the Gentle Revolution is the year of his 5th audiovisual product. 
At the same time he has never abandoned his acting profession.


  • Francesco Emanuele Delvecchio Director
  • Alessandro Baviello WriterErasing Mistakes
  • Leonardo Bartoli ProducerL’ariamara, Erasing Mistakes
  • Giancarlo Spinelli Executive ProducerErasing Mistakes
  • Tonino Deruvo Editor
  • Savino Bartoli Camera OperatorErasing Mistakes
  • Rossano Bartoli SoundErasing Mistakes


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