“Official Selected 2019” Deforestation Made in Italy

“Official Selected 2019”  Deforestation Made in Italy

Deforestation Made in Italy

We are in Northeastern Brazil, in Pará, in the heart of the Amazon forest. But the landscape in front of us is quite different from our expectations. There are no trees. There are no exotic animals, jumping from tree to tree. There is only a red clearing, crossed by a dirty road, where dozens of trucks are travelling, transporting commodities. 

It is from this desolate place that the timber, illegally logged in the forest, leaves for its long trip to Europe. The same trip made by other commodities, responsible of the fast deforestation that is destroying this region. 

We follow the big cargo ships that cross the Ocean, transporting illegal timber, beef, leather and soy to Europe and to Italy. Here these commodities are used to produce most of the Italian specialties, such as furniture, fashion and food. But can we really call “specialty” a product that is entirely based on tropical deforestation? 

NOTE: the film is available in English and Italian editionsDirector Biography – Francesco De Augustinis

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Francesco De Augustinis is a freelance journalist. He authored video enquiries about sustainability on many international media, such as Corriere.it, Repubblica TV (Italy), RSI (Switzerland) or the digital edition of The Telegraph (UK). He worked as film director and producer for the documentary “Il tabacco che uccide senza fumarlo” (Killed by Tobacco Farming), winner of the 1st Roberto Morrione Award for TV enquiries (2012) and screened at the Italian Contemporary Film Festival 2012 in Toronto. Director Statement

Two years of enquiries, travels, researches, gathered in a documentary set in Italy, Europe and Brazil. An original view on the direct link between the most famous Italian made specialties and tropical deforestation.


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