“Official Selected 2019” CHEESE INSTEAD OF URANIUM

“Official Selected 2019”  CHEESE INSTEAD OF URANIUM


Citizens of a medieval village in Portugal have made a decision that is an example for other communities in the world with valuable ore in the soil. Leave uranium in the ground.

Nisa, a beautiful village north of Alentejo in Portugal. At the mediaeval gates of Nisa there is a large uranium deposit, but the population has decided to leave the uranium on the ground in favor of sustainable development based on the region’s natural products such as beef, goat and sheep, milk, cheese, sausages, hams and olives.

When mining companies became interested in the Nisa deposit at the beginning of the 21st century, the local movement „Urânio em Nisa Não” influenced the City Hall and the City council to declare that uranium exploration in the region will never be allowed.

„Keep it in the ground!“ is Nisa’s powerful message. Sustainable use of above-ground natural wealth is more valuable than below-ground ore, which would provide only short-term money but would leave the region with no future. That is why Nisa and its movement „ Urânio em Nisa Não“ received the international „Nuclear-Free Future Award“ in 2012.Director Biography – Norbert G. Suchanek

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Norbert G. Suchanek was born in 1963 in Würzburg in Germany. Since 1988 he works as environmental and human rights journalist, author, photographer and filmmaker. In 2006 he moved to Rio de Janeiro.Director Statement

A tiny town in Portugal stands firm against the big uranium business! The citizens of Nisa have given the world an important example. Instead of short-term profit through uranium mining, they opted for a sustainable present and future based on the production of traditional and healthy food.


  • Norbert G. Suchanek Director
  • Norbert G. Suchanek Writer
  • Márcia Gomes de Oliveira Producer


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