“Official Selected 2019” 99,9%

“Official Selected 2019” 99,9%

99.9% tackles the problem of waste and itsawareness.Andrea is a man who has made his life his obsession.Respecting the environment and recycling waste are its daily mission.The arrival of the nearby Pasquale, who does not care for the environment, will lead Andrea into an obscure decline.

Director Biography – Achille Marciano

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Achille Marciano is an actor who works actively between cinema, TV and theater.This is hisfirst time behind the camera as a Director as well as Actor Writer and Producer.The need is to tell a delicate theme, that of waste, in cinematic terms, to carry out a campaign to raise awareness on a question that is increasingly a problem of our time.


  • Achille Marciano. Director
  • Achille Marciano. Writer
  • Achille Marciano. Producer
  • Achille Marciano. Key Cast
  • Amedeo Andreozzi Key Cast
  • Glenda TommasiniKey Cast
  • Luca Baldini. Key Cast


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