“Official Selected 2019” EBER di Yavuz ÖZER

“Official Selected 2019” EBER di Yavuz ÖZER

EBER di Yavuz ÖZER

Sad Story of Eber Lake in Turkey from 1970 to 2019

Director Biography – Yavuz ÖZER

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I graduated from Aegean Universty with “Relationship Between Cinema and Space” doctoral thesis in 2013. 
I work as an Assoc. Prof. Dr. and I still give Graduate & Postgraduate lecturesFaculty of Fine Arts Department of Cinema and Television, in Turkey.  
I have lectured as a guest assistant professor in Finland (Lapland University), Denmark (Lillebaelt University), Poland (Bialystok University – Sociology Instute) and Macedonia (Tetova University), within the scope of the Erasmus Teaching Mobility so far.  
I have taught as a trainer in Scriptwriting workshops in Turkey and Estonia. 

I have participated in trainings within the scope of the EU Projects in Greece, Spain and Latvia. 
Besides being an academician, I work on my photography and film projects.  
I have carried out photography projects in Kyrgyzstan, Ireland and Iceland. I have opened individual exhibitions in England, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Turkey. 

I made short fiction film in 2016 : “First Encounter With Authority”. This film awarded 5 International prizes from U.S.A. and European countries and this film joined 35 film festivals in the World as a finalist. 
(Awards: International New York Film Festival – Merit Award- 2016) 
Texas Short Film Festival : (Best Trailer-2016) 
Wend’ys Short Film Festival U.S.A. (Best Trailer-2016) 
12 Months Film Festival – Short Film of The Month (March-2016) 
Ouchy Film Awards (Special Mention Winter-2016) 
“First Encounter With Authority” selected as finalist in 71. Cannes Film Festival, Le Petit Cannes Film Festival Section. 
I made doc. Short film: “Master Kezban” in 2016. 
This film awarded from Artlightenment FF U.S.A. (International Doc. Category, Runner-Up) 
I made some photo projects about “Local Culture” in Finland, Spain, Ireland, Iceland, Kazakhistan and Kyrgyzstan. 
My ad. Film “Europass” awarded as Best Ad film in Europass Ad Competition in 2017 in Turkey. 

My documentary film, “The Great Meandros” centering upon an environmental disaster that occurs in a river in Turkey won rewards at five international festivals in 2018. 

Apart from these projects, I have directed Commercial Films and Music Videos in various projects and worked as a screenwriter and script consultant in some projects. 

You can find some of the videos on my work at vimeo.com/yavuzozerphotography. Director Statement

“EBER” Documantery Film Cover Letter

Not so long ago, there was an unpolluted nature in Turkey in 1970. With seas surrounding on all three sides, four seasons, wide mountainsides, lakes and rivers; Turkey had a distinctive geography. Unfortunately, all this geography has changed so rapidly in the last fifty years that some of the changes have led to the loss of nature in an irreversible way in Turkey. 

Being one of the largest lakes in Turkey and an important stomping ground for migratory birds across the world and being home to a unique natural richness from endangered wild animals to unique endemic plant species; Lake Eber was introduced to the world with a documentary published by BBC in 1970. 

The “Eber” documentary film that we have completed in August, 2019 shows us the severity of our loss, when compared with the documentary in 1970. Blue waters of Eber are now flowing as a chemical green. Woodnotes surrounding everywhere have gone weaker and the lake areas have dried up. With hunting that has literally become an animal slaughter, as well as industrialization and urbanization ruining the nature; Lake Eber has been and continues to be destroyed. 

Also human life around Lake Eber has been restricted with the destruction of plants, animals, air and water. The loss of livelihood has caused the village population to move to cities. Only a few reed workers have remained in the lake areas, which were once the center of life. 

What is even worse than these facts is that the children of Eber Village who were concerned about their environment and nature back in 1970s have grown up only to remain insensitive to the destruction of the nature in which they had grown up and see it as something consumable. 

The film shows not only how the nature in Turkey has been ruined within the last fifty years, but also how the rising generations have become insensitive to nature in the course of time. The fact that countries like Turkey which are called “developing and industrializing countries” have remained underdeveloped in the last fifty years is probably associated with their insensitivity to nature, as in the example of Lake Eber. 

In the last fifty years, Lake Eber has not been handed down to the rising generations as a nature to be protected or a richness of nature. Previous generations, just like the rising generation which is worse, considered nature a product to be used and consumed for daily benefits. As a matter of fact, Eber has been consumed with a wild consumption, industrial and urban wastes, cruel hunting and arbitrary fires started by reed collectors. 

This documentary has been made as a little effort to put an end to this wild consumption and to at least take an action against saving “Eber” lakes in Turkey and in similar areas of the world. Another purpose of the documentary is that fifty years later people would be sensitive enough to reverse the destruction in geographical areas like Eber. Maybe people desiring to make a good documentary of the nature in the lake which will have somehow revived fifty years later would see how the lake had been consumed in 2019.  
We have actually made the film in the hope of hearing the birds, clean waters, wild life and the enthusiastic music of endemic plants fluttering with the wind howling on Lake Eber again in the future. Also we would like you to watch it with hope and do something for other Eber geographies in your region. 


  • Yavuz ÖZERDirector
  • Yavuz ÖZERWriter
  • Yavuz ÖZERProducer


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