“Official Selected 2019” 2° Place Docu-Film – MERGUI di Sandor Poppinga

“Official Selected 2019” 2° Place Docu-Film – MERGUI di Sandor Poppinga

MERGUI di Sandor Poppinga

The film concerns the most southern part of Myanmar. 
It is as a beautiful homage to the Mergui Archipelago, and a realistic depiction of both its wonders and issues. 
The film is very diverse thematically speaking, but it succeeds the most as an ecological cautionary tale. 
The film shines the light on an unfortunately huge problem of overfishing and destroying the marine environment but the focus is on Nature. This is presented through stunning underwater photography that offers a superb look at incredibly rich and diverse coral reefs as well as at the indigenous Moken. They are the native habitants of this region. 
The film acts as basic introduction on Myanmar in its first part. leads to the maritim environment of the Moken people and ends with an outlook on tourism which is quickly developing in this region. 

Director – Sandor Poppinga

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  • Sandor PoppingaDirector
  • Robin KerstenProducer
  • Heiko BirkenstockCamera
  • Michael ForbesCamera
  • Christoph JungCamera
  • Robin KerstenCamera
  • Sandor PoppingaCamera
  • Sandor PoppingaEditing
  • João SilvestreMusic
  • César SilvaMusic
  • Sean DahlenNarration
  • Paul RogersWriter
  • Sandor PoppingaWriter


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