“GOLDEN LEAF 2019” Best Film. – “The Man Of Trees” di Salvatore Manca

“GOLDEN LEAF 2019” Best Film. – “The Man Of Trees” di Salvatore Manca

The Man Of Trees di Salvatore Manca

An ecological story about the environment and nature. Jean, the Man of Trees, has a cosmic and visceral link with nature, the true source of life. 
His gesture is a sign of love towards exploited nature, raped and dried up by the “civilized” man; it’s to her that the protagonist devotes an entire existence, with humility and transport. 
Jean is inspired, without selfishness and expectations, he plants seeds of oak, acorns, trees … where before there was nothing, just for love. 
oosely inspired: L’homme qui plantait des arbres by Jean Giono

Director Biography – Tore Manca

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Lives and works in Sassari ( Sardinia: italy). Video artist, director,and poet “independent” began in the early 90s as a visual artist by participating in Reading poetry and collective art and video art. It has conducted so far 40 works of video art and experimental cinema, documentary.


  • Tore Manca, Director
  • Tore Manca, Writer
  • Tore Manca, Producer
  • Fondazione di Sardegna, Producer
  • Amerindia cinema, Producer fondazione film Commission
  • Daniela Tamponi, Producer


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