“GOLDEN LEAF 2019” BEST Short-movie – “ACQUAMARA” di Edoardo Viterbori

“GOLDEN LEAF 2019”  BEST Short-movie –  “ACQUAMARA”  di Edoardo Viterbori

ACQUAMARA di Edoardo Viterbori.

When is it you can’t change your life anymore? Cencio is thirty years old. Has a girlfriend. Has an honest job as a fisherman. Debts. The only thing that’s different with him, it’s he’s put in front of a choice. Often times a choice is easy only when times are hard. Truth is, you can change your life if you want to. But you can never going back to how things were.

Director Biography – Edoardo Viterbori

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Edoardo Viterbori was born in Genoa, Italy on 11/02/98, he is a director and editor. Since 2013 he has worked as an assistant to several independent productions (films, commercials and video clips). In 2014 he directed “The stories of via Carnia”, released in Genoa on May 21 of the following year. On 7 November 2015, the “Antonio De Sisto” Foundation awarded him the Olmo prize, category: Cinema and TV. In 2016 he shoots the experimental short film “Rhapsody”. Also in 2016 he is engaged on the set of his new film “Oltre il ponte!”, Which is presented at the Albatros cinema in Genoa on 26 April 2019. During the month of June 2019 he directed the short film “Acquamara”, shotted in Anzio, Lazio.


  • Edoardo ViterboriDirector
  • Francesca PiscioneriWriter
  • Daniel NicolaeWriter
  • Edoardo ViterboriProducer
  • Roma Film AcademyProducer
  • Nicolò Ernesto AlaimoKey Cast“Cencio”
  • Eleonora RistoriniKey Cast“Brunella”


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