“Golden Leaf 2019” BEST Docu-film – “Wetlands, the Legacy of Luc Hoffmann” di Stephan Rytz

“Golden Leaf  2019”  BEST Docu-film – “Wetlands, the Legacy of Luc Hoffmann” di Stephan Rytz

Wetlands, the Legacy of Luc Hoffmann

Luc Hoffmann was a passionate ornithologist and scientist. He was the first to launch studies in the 50’s to demonstrate the importance of wetlands. These rich habitats for biodiversity are also vital for the survival of humans on our planet.

Director Biography – Stephan Rytz

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I have always loved nature and had a passion for wildlife documentary films since childhood. I founded ORCA Production in 1998, right after my studies in film direction and editing at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). 
From the beginning, I oriented my work towards the production of films on nature, environment and sustainable development. 
My strong commitment to raise public awareness on the importance of protecting our planet led me to collaborate for several years with the TV Center of WWF International on the editing of over 50 news reports. 
Today, I continue on this same path by producing films that have the mission to sensibilise and involve the viewers in stories highlighting the relationship between man and nature. 
In 2016, we joined forces with my business partner Loïc Oswald who shares the same values. Together, we produce authentic films in full respect with the environment and the species we approach, without creating any disturbance. We are constantly searching for stunning images that keeps us diving into the magic universe of the documentary film of the real.


  • Stephan RytzDirector
  • Stephan RytzWriter
  • Naoki LembezatWriter
  • Anne-Sophie DevilleWriter
  • Stephan RytzProducer
  • Loïc OswaldProducer


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